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How GREEN is Kahn, CPA??

Paper Towels: We use paper towels with 100% post-consumer recycled content. They cost less, require no water or bleach to clean (like cloth towels) and we recycle them.

Lighting: We have installed energy saving, compact fluorescent bulbs in almost all lighting fixtures and we are vigilant about turning off lights in rooms not in use.

Recycling: We recycle everything we can; office paper (shredded, of course), magazines, catalogs, old computers and periphery, aluminum foil and cans, glass bottles, cardboard, envelopes, paper towels….We have recycle bins for paper by every desk, and a container in the kitchenette for cans, bottles and plastic containers.

Alternative Transport: Everyone who lives within a few miles walks or bikes to work almost everyday.

Office Paper: All of our office paper and envelopes have recycled content, most of it 100% post consumer recycled.