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Your checklist was a great help. 


Greetings, Stephen! I just wanted to thank you for completing R.’s and my tax returns. As always, beautiful work!

C. and R.L.

I’d recommend Stephen Kahn on Duke Street. He helps us with nanny stuff and is very reliable and diligent. 


Stephen Kahn is WONDERFUL! He is very knowledgeable and when we bought a second home this year he spent an hour on the phone with me giving me tax advice to get the most from our investment. He is GREAT!


From a Dad on the T-ball team that also plays on the KahnCPA softball team:

I just wanted to take a moment and thank our fearless leader, Steve Kahn. Not only does he sponsor and organize our softball team but this spring he has also stepped up to sponsor a team with Central Springfield Little League. So on behalf of the Kahn-men & the CSLL Hooks… Thanks Steve!

Let’s tear up D-League boys!

Kahn Men
Coach CSLL T-Ball Hooks
CSLL Board of Directors

From a parent of a child on the Kahn, CPA sponsored T-ball team:

Mr. Kahn –

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your sponsorship of “The Hooks” – CSLL T-Ball team.

This is my sons first year at T-Ball and as parents, our first T-Ball experience. My son is absolutely thrilled! He is enjoying being with the other kids, loves his coach, and is so proud of his Hooks uniform. He counts the days until his next practice and we have not even played our first game. I wanted you to know how much your commitment to our kids means to us and we appreciate your involvement in our community.

I hope we have the opportunity to meet you at one of the T-Ball games!

Many, many thanks!

B and D H.
(parents of Nathan)

Thanks for all your help and advice.


Thanks so much for your work on our taxes. You are great to work with. 


Thanks so much for your tax services. You’ll be hearing from us for the next tax year. Also, thanks for the super cute onesie. We would be so proud if Owen became a CPA. 


We are always happy to recommend your services.


Thanks for all your efforts. I appreciate it!


Hey Steve- Beautiful work! Thanks!


Looks good! Thanks


Stephen, I am impressed with how nicely my tax package is presented!