Information Needed at Your Tax Appointment

checklist with pen
  1. W-2 forms 
  2. Record of other income (1099s) 
    • Pension or IRA distributions including rollovers and conversions 
    • Interest and dividends from savings institutions and brokerages 
    • Nonemployee compensation 
    • Stock or mutual fund sales 
  3. Rental property income and expenses (New rentals, include settlement sheet from purchase) 
  4. K-1 forms (Partnership, S-Corporation, Estates, and Trusts) 
  5. IRA contributions 
  6. Post-secondary tuition and student loan interest 
  7. Itemized deductions: 
    • Medical expenses 
    • Real estate taxes 
    • Personal property taxes (Car tax) 
    • Interest on residential mortgages 
    • Contributions (Cash and non-cash) 
    • Employee business expenses (Unreimbursed travel, entertainment, meals, auto) 
  8. Job-related moving expenses and moving reimbursement documentation 
  9. Child care expenses and provider information (Name, address, and social security or federal ID number) 
  10. Documentation for federal and state estimated tax payments for the previous year 
  11. Purchase and sale of residence 
    • Closing papers from the purchase and sale of old residence 
    • Closing papers from the purchase of new residence 
    • Improvements to both old and new residence 
  12. Closing statement from a house refinancing
  13. Copy or original of prior year’s federal and state tax returns (New clients only)